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DOLORES HOPE BIRTHDAY PARTY AT HER HOME.A series of Kiosks (40 diameter hexagons) covering have been set up for the guests to enjoy a trip through the Ten Decades of Dolores.  There will be classic cars from every decade of her life and each Kiosks will feature unique displays of her amazing life.  The first four will include audio presentations with video and film clips from their private archives in the last seven.  The Kiosks were designed by Lisa Mitchell and Nancy Malone and each Kiosk is manned by individuals costumed in the era of that decade by Warden Neil (who did the costumes for all of Bob's shows in that later years).  It's been an incredible 100 years. .At the Bob & Dolores Hope Estate  in  TOLUCA LAKE, CA on May 27, 2009 .©2009 Kathy Hutchins / Hutchins Photo..