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The Palace Theatre Honors Michael Jackson with the Resurrection of.Original "Thriller" Marquee..Historic Broadway corridor in downtown Los Angeles remembers the.'King of Pop'..Los Angeles, CA (July 13, 2009) - The Palace Theatre, at 630 S..Broadway, in Los Angeles' Historic Broadway corridor, honors Michael.Jackson by restoring the original lettering from "Thriller" on the.marquee. The façade and marquee of the theatre were used in key.opening scenes of the famous theatrical music video. The marquee now.reads "Vincent Price, THRILLER" as it was seen in the video...Shahram Delijani, whose family owns the Palace, as well as the Los.Angeles, State and Tower theatres, recalls that "In the, the music begins with a panning shot of the Palace marquee..Michael Jackson comes running outside with a glowing smile on his tell his date, 'It's only a movie.' This image is imprinted.on the minds of all Michael Jackson fans. I thought it would be a.special gift for those people to look up at the marquee and to have.the realization that you are standing where Michael Jackson once stood.while filming the greatest video of all time. What a thrill!".Los Angeles, CA  on July 14, 2009 .©2008 Kathy Hutchins / Hutchins Photo..